Colourful Words From PRISM

For decades, Paint has been so ubiquitous, so taken for granted, that it has pretty much become a blind spot. It’s always been, literally, in the background, always part of stunning interiors, but never the focus of it, constantly protecting marvelous exteriors, but never becoming its point of emphasis

I say, with much passion, that it’s time all that changed.

Paint isn’t just a colourful protective, decorative layer on a wall or a space , it’s an expression, a reflection of style , personality, individuality, philosophy , belief, taste, refinement, creativity; it’s an increasingly important part of life and living. Simply because We spend so much time in close proximity to man –made environments whether in working, playing or just experiencing

At PRISM, We’re pushing the boundaries of what paint can look, and yes, even feel like. Our Collection of WATERBORN Wall Paints series, is proof of this commitment, an embodiment of our passion for innovation and transformative breakthroughs

Throughout this showcase brochure, you’ll be introduced to the many facets of our offerings, and we hope that it ignites in you the same drive we have for turning the concept of paint on it’s our wish that, at the very least, the next time you slap on a cast on a space of you’re about to make a bold statement, not just putting on paint

Because with Prism, it’s never just paint; it’s Fashion for walls